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Dr. Sarah Berry

by | Mar 12, 2024

Show Notes

Is it true that the formula to lose weight is less calories and more exercise? Do women have a more difficult time to lose weight than men? Does stress play a large role in weight loss? 
In general, do you feel our health is more compromised in North America than in Europe? Is prioritizing protein over any other macronutrient as crucial as we often hear? Does exercise directly improve our microbiome?  

In today’s episode, I asked Dr. Berry these questions to provide my listeners with guidance and insight into making proper food choices and how this relates to our metabolic health and mood. The episode confirms what you may already know, and that is, what happens after food passes our lips is not as simple a process as we might like to believe. Many factors contribute to our physical and mental health.  

Sarah Berry is a Reader in Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London and Chief Scientist at ZOE Ltd. Her research is at the forefront of developments in personalized nutrition. It is forging a new way forward in the design and implementation of large-scale remote nutrition research studies integrating novel technologies, citizen science and AI. 


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