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Bi-Polar Disorder One Step at a Time  



Michelle Reittinger

by | Mar 19, 2024

Show Notes

What a great conversation we had today! Michelle is my kind of gal. She is all about taking responsibility, becoming empowered, and an advocate of both nutrition and talk therapy to heal our trauma – a true inspiration to all who listen to this episode.

Michelle Reittinger is a mother, wife, daughter and also a woman who has healed what many would call an unhealable mental illness, that is unless psychotropic drugs are used. Michelle advocates a radical shift in the treatment of bipolar using a research-based, integrated treatment plan to facilitate healing. I do this through public speaking, a podcast called The Upside of Bipolar, a blog, and a program called The Upsiders’ Tribe, where I teach the steps to heal bipolar. She also has a book coming out in early summer 2024, so stay tuned for that! 

Book: The Better Brain 


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