Clearing Up Some Of The Myths Surrounding Nutrition



Michelle Shapiro

by | May 7, 2024

Show Notes

If you have never worked with a functional integrative dietician before to combat your ills, perhaps consider doing so. In todays episode, Michelle and I discussed just some of the misguided information playing on various media channels,so you dont need to continue to guess. We spoke about how stress plays a massive role in combating disease and made the argument it is not only one lifestyle factor playing a role in chronic illness; it is diet, exercise, social circles, sleep, environmental toxins, and possibly most importantly, stress.

Michelle Shapiro is an Integrative/Functional Registered Dietitian in NYC who has helped over 1000+ clients reverse their anxiety, heal longstanding gut and immune issues, and lovingly approach their weight. Michelle has a virtual private practice of 5 nutritionists where she and her team work oneonone. She hosts the Quiet the Diet Podcast, where she helps her audience bridge the gap between body positivity and functional nutrition.

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