EPISODE 128

What To Do When You Begin To Ask,

Whats The Point?’



Luella Jonk

by | May 21, 2024

Show Notes

In true Luellastyle, which some might call somewhat disorganized, I did a mind dump for this Episode on all the reasons why you might be feeling lost and apathetic about life.

This episode is for the person trying to find a sense of meaning and happiness in everyday life.

In this episode, I uncover:

-The importance of having a sense of community while also spending more time in solitude.

-The need to connect with Source, albeit God or another higher power.

-Why is it never a means to an end but rather a journey that will feed the soul.

-How selfawareness is the first behaviour you must strive towards in order to change.

-Most of humankinds lack of focus keeps them in a scarcity loop.

-How abundance is already yours and how gratitude will allow you to see it.  


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