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Podcast Update: Shifting Focus to Relationship and

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Luella Jonk

by | Jun 4, 2024

Show Notes

Yes, I decided to close up this Podcast! In this final episode, I explain why.

The health and wellness space is flooded with fearinducing health claims, often implying that you need to invest in various products to improve your wellbeing. Its making us stressed and may even be causing orthorexia for some.

Very few people are telling you what you really need to hear, which is that you need to dumb down and simplify your life. This doesnt cost you money and only requires common sensenot a biochemistry degree.

I will continue to interview expert guests, just on another show. Listen in to learn more about why I am doing this and what my intentions are for the new show, Mixing Business With Pleasure.

Vroom Vroom!! Lets go!!

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