How to get Healthy, Happy and Hot; It is Not as Complicated as You

Might Believe


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Elizabeth Resnik

by | Feb 22, 2022

Show Notes

Today a doubly certified health coach, Elizabeth Resnik, joins me in conversation about how to dumb things down in the noisy world of health and nutrition. In her 4th decade Liz discovered that the key ingredient to feeling her best is mindset. However, she also shared other tools in her toolbox that radically transformed the health of her skin. Hint: Bugs Bunny. 

Happy healthy and hot is a unique blend of mindset, nutrition and fitness that helps women lose weight while they gain confidence, energy, and vitality. Elizabeth coaches clients all over the US and has started branching out internationally. She has been featured on TV, numerous podcasts and in 2020 was a finalist in the Maxim Cover Girl completion. 

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram @happyhealthyandhot_elizabeth and grab a copy of The Happy Healthy and Hot Journal at Amazon.com.



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