How A Woman Discovered Who She Was Supposed to Be after Surviving Head Trauma and Cancer.The power of helping each other and supporting one another in the face of fear and vulnerability.


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Suzy Patz

by | Mar 1, 2022

Show Notes


Suzy Patz provides us with a powerful testimony of how she changed as a wife, employee, sister, daughter, but most importantly, as how she now identifies herself as a woman. Suzy speaks from her heart in terms of how trauma allowed her to springboard into what it truly means to be alive and present in a world filled with incredible frenetic noise.

She spoke of how isolation, meditation, allowed her to become a gatekeeper to the type of energy she wills to penetrate her body. This purposeful action allowed her to curate a life of incredible hope and happiness in who she has come to be.



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Suzy Patz

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