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Catherine Burdett

by | Mar 15, 2022

Show Notes

Join me today for a powerful heartfelt episode with a woman who knows what it is like to become aligned with her feelings and use this ‘heart energy’ to get behind her thoughts. We often speak of how one must align with one’s own core values and beliefs to become our true authentic self, but what does this look like exactly? It seems like an enigma, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be – listen and get inspired!

Catherine Burdett believes in the power of the heart to access insight and guidance on some of the most pressing personal questions that may arise in our lives. While she didn’t understand the science of a coherent heart / mind connection at the time, she knew how it felt to be out of sync with her values – the emotional push and pull, of desiring to be home full-time with her new young family and the joy and reward of leading teams and contributing in the workplace. She chose to follow her heart 21 years ago, resigning her beloved role as a senior leader with a well-know hospitality brand, and hasn’t looked back. 

Catherine is a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation, a trainer and master facilitator specializing in the skills and competencies of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and resilience. As a solopreneur and CoFounder of The Alignment Project, she has enjoyed global travel working with diverse cultures and organizations. She is a member of both the Canadian Management Centre and HeartMath Institute’s training, coaching and facilitation rosters. 



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