How to Better Communicate With Others by Improving the Communication with Yourself.   


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Kass Thomas

by | Apr 26, 2022

Show Notes

For anyone who wants to better communicate with THEMSELVES then Kass Thomas is your go-to!

Kass is a U.S. native now living in Rome, who realized that some communication issues are a result of misconceptions or ambiguities – and has seen that this often begins within ourselves. How might this flaw show up to you? If you find yourself moving towards self-doubt and self-judgement – then you likely need to improve the communication channel from within.  

She helps others understand others’ perspectives, to accommodate someone’s ability to hear you, to invite people to greater possibilities, to open opportunities to obtain your goals, and to get clear about what you want from every encounter.  

Kass Thomas is a global businesswoman and communication expert whose work to transform the negative into positive, even in limiting situations, has crossed global barriers. She is a successful business entrepreneur and speaker. The depth of her career experiences inspires people to explore more choice and change.  



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Kass Thomas

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