A Conversation About Mommy Guilt and Enabling Adult Children.  


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Dr. Lauren Behrman

by | May 24, 2022

Show Notes

Join me today as I have a candid conversation with Dr. Lauren Berhman.

Dr. Berhman and I discuss how oddly common it is for collaborative family law professionals to have shared the burden of emotional fragility as it relates to separation and divorce and the pain that accompanies these life-changing events. However, it is this common thread that allows us to provide the empathy and understanding to help our clients move through these times as easily and swiftly as possible. 

Secondly, we — two female therapists — after having spent the majority of our lives acting as both professionals and caregivers, came to the realization that it is time to give ourselves permission to just do ‘you’. In other words, start living our own life through intention and purpose, rather than living life through what others need of us.

Both Dr. Berhman and I felt that this topic is one that needs to be discussed more openly and honestly amongst all women of all professions and it was for this reason that I invited her back to the podcast for Episode 26. Enjoy the show! 



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Dr. Lauren Behrman

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