What Success Means

to Me.



Luella Jonk

by | Jun 21, 2022

Show Notes

In today’s solo episode, I discuss concept of worthiness. Many people lack self-worth and to me it is the foundation of success.  I think we all have moments where we feel a sense of lack, doubt, and unworthiness. Fear is common, and fear often translates to feelings of lack, so perhaps it might be helpful to ask yourself “ What am I fearing?” or “Would I act differently if I knew I wouldn’t make a mistake?”

Fact be told, success comes from acting with fear. Success comes from having trust in yourself, and faith in your abilities, without evidence of knowing you will be successful. If you do this repeatedly in life, you will likely make mistakes, you will likely fail at times, but you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. When it is all said and done, no one remembers your mistakes, not even you! 

You will look back and wonder how to do it until you wonder how you did it. I credit Melanie Ann Layer for teaching me this. 

Get creative when deciding what you want. What does success mean to you? Use your imagination to envision your dream. I define imagination as dreaming with intention. Imagine it until it becomes your reality. Be intentional with your thoughts and desires. 

That is what success means to me. 


Luella Jonk


Luella Jonk

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