What it Means to Embody a Thought and Age Gracefully



Dr. Nicole Marcione

by | Jul 19, 2022

Show Notes

Welcome today’s guest, Dr. Nicole Marcione. She identifies herself as a Empowered Aging Coach, a Body-Brain Longevity Specialist, a Board-certified Health Coach, and the founder of Integrative Aging.  

Her work bridges science and magic, helping women deepen their connection to their health, body, and intuition. Her Ph.D. doctoral research at the University of Southern California (USC) focused on mind-body exercise effects on cognition and mobility in older adults. She has her B.S. in Lifespan Health and M.S. in Gerontology from USC. She works with clients all over the globe helping them to feel engaged, powerful, and confident at every age. She has presented her research worldwide at workshops and scientific conferences.  

Her mission is to shift the paradigm around aging… from the current anti-aging BS to embracing growing older! You’ll find her living life to its fullest every day in Hermosa Beach, CA. 



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Dr. Nicole Marcione

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