The Power of Regulating Your Emotions 



Dr. Shyamala Kiru

by | Jul 26, 2022

Show Notes

Today I welcome Dr. Shyamala Kiru. Shyamala is an ex-therapist turned Leadership Mentor, obsessed with the connection between our emotional intelligence and our capacity for success, both personally and professionally. She works with high-performance, female entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to master their emotional intelligence and unlock embodied leadership, so they can execute their mission at a whole new level.  

Shyamala is also an author, podcaster, and mom who is based out of Toronto. 

I personally feel this topic is not discussed enough and perhaps it is because people do not realize that it is possible to regulate your emotions. To have agency over how you think and act.  

It is possible when you are willing to look at the underlying scripts and paradigms that you have going on in your head at any given time.  

These habits of thought, beliefs and ways of thinking are essentially hijacking your ability to choose your higher emotions; joy, guiltlessness, humor, vibrancy, liberation, energized  or your lower emotions; guilt, shame, procrastination, rumination, and hopelessness.  


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Dr. Shyamala Kiru

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