It is Not Your Dinner, It is Your DNA 

Dr. Aaron Goldman

by | Aug 9, 2022

Show Notes

Today’s guest, Dr. Aaron Goldman, Ph.D. sheds light on the importance of knowing your genetic make-up to take specific health action towards living optimally and promoting longevity with nutrition, exercise, and specific lifestyle choices. Dr. Goldman goes through the results of my specific DNA results and describes the many different categories of genetic testing included in this test. LoveMyHealth is a nutrition/lifestyle test which can identify many health factors, including Food Sensitivities, Physical Fitness, Brain Health, Obesity Risk, Preference for Dietary Fat, Eating Behaviour, Regulation of Appetite, Hormonal Health, Detoxification Efficiency (including Estrogen Detoxification), and so much more! 

Dr. Aaron Goldman is a co-founder and Chief Science Officer of DNA Labs Canada, a genetic testing company. He oversees all aspects of genetic test design, interpretation, and implementation, as well as providing scientific and technical support to marketing and business/strategic planning initiatives.  

Prior to his work at DNALabs, Dr. Goldman was the Director of Genomics Services at the University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital Clinical Genomics Centre in Toronto, a state-of-the-art, full-service genomics technology facility that provides genomics services such as DNA sequencing and genotyping to the research community.  

DNALabs offers a few different classes of genetic testing products… MatchMyMeds is a drug compatibility test used as a prescribing tool which uses information stored in a patient’s DNA to identify which medications should work, which ones won’t, and which ones may require a dosage adjustment. LoveMyHealth is a nutrition/lifestyle test which can identify things like potential nutrient deficiencies, risk for food sensitivities, it looks at mental health, hormonal health, physical fitness, and others. This test can help people understand their specific needs to ultimately support optimizing their health. 


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