How Self-Judgement

Can Weigh on Your Relationship  




Luella Jonk

by | Aug 30, 2022

Show Notes

In today’s episode, I explain how the notion of unworthiness or not being enough can have a profound impact on your romantic relationship. In my series on Improving your relationship by improving yourself, I describe how being self-judgemental falls under the ‘perfectionist’ personality type.  

As a perfectionist, you not only torment yourself on a daily basis to the point of mental exhaustion, but you are also judging your partner.  You find yourself living in constant fear of making a mistake, yet making a mistake is a human quality, state, or essence. Life is not black or white, we are constantly living in a spectrum of good and bad…we have joy, then we have sadness, we have energy and then we have fatigue, we say intelligent words, then we say words we regret. Life is full of a lot of grey.  

The solution is in the power of awareness. To find out more about how to create a habit of thought awareness, sit back and listen.  


Luella Jonk


Luella Jonk

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