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Dr. Jay Faber

by | Nov 8, 2022

Show Notes

Today I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Jay Faber, a double board-certified psychiatrist with fellowship degree in integrative medicine. We touched on the topics of brain anatomy in relation to specific conditions such as focused attention and awareness, narcissism, ADHD, how we connect with others/relationships, learning, and the problems with the education system. 

In addition to his work at Amen Clinics, Dr. Faber is President of BrainSource, a corporation founded to teach adolescents how to build successful lives. Supporting the work at BrainSource, Dr. Faber is creating a series of programs to help guide teens to go from being good students to great leaders. 

Since working at the Clinic, Dr. Faber has also written a book; Escape: Rehab Your Brain To Stay Out of The Legal System. The book was written as a step-by-step instruction on how individuals involved in the legal system can rehabilitate their brain. The book focuses on five areas to help individuals work on implementing disciplines to never return to that system again. 

Books mentioned in this episode:

 Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen

 Lifestyle Medicine by Robert Kushner

 Healing ADHD by Daniel Amen


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Dr. Jay Faber

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