Drawing a Line in the Sand



Luella Jonk

by | Nov 15, 2022

Show Notes

In today’s episode, you get to hear me riff on the topic of why it is important to set limits and what this means in terms of honoring your needs. I also describe why I much prefer using the term ‘drawing a line in the sand’ rather than ‘boundary’.  

I discuss why it is not only respectful of yourself, but it also respectful of others to define your limits and adhere to your values. I describe these terms in the context of relationships with your partner, children, colleagues, etc. Finally, I define why we always want to strive to be kind, but it is not so important to be nice and liked. To be liked is very fluid, whereas kindness is heart-centered and grounding.  

Enjoy the show.


Luella Jonk


Luella Jonk

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