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Casandra Austin-McDonald

by | Mar 7, 2023

Show Notes

With pleasure I introduce you to Casandra Austin-McDonald, who is both a peer and friend of mine. She is an American woman of color, who has a gift of being able to see the uniqueness of an individual and lets it shine. Through her trainings and life experiences, she is now able to gift anyone who works with her a transformational experience that leaves them with not only new hope, but new life and vitality. Casandra lives in Central Florida with her husband and son.  

Casandra Austin McDonald is Transformation Mentor and Certified Mindset Coach and Spiritual Energy Psychology Practitioner. She’s known for guiding empathic professional and executive women to activate their power to create the extraordinary life, relationships and legacy of their dreams. Clients and students who work with Casandra usually experience transformation at supernatural speed due to Casandra’s triple threat approach she brings to her work – professional experience, education and training, and lived experiences. Once coined the “self-love Queen,” Casandra is also an author, speaker, boy mom, wife, trauma recovery and wellbeing advocate and host of the Grow Thru It Podcast. 


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Casandra Austin-McDonald

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