A New Perspective on Depression and Stress



Homaya Amar

by | Mar 14, 2023

Show Notes

Anyone who is graced with Homaya’s presence is a lucky soul. Homaya’s way of healing is profound. There is an incredibly peaceful aura about her in that you cannot help to feel safe, relaxed and in touch with your own soul’s purpose. I welcome you to listen to this episode intently so that the pureness of her message can be received.  

Homaya Amar is a spiritual guide, Carrier of evolutionary codes, Light energy master, an oracle, and a poet. She is also a dear friend of mine. She loves her work and  perceives herself as an extension of grace. Her work is focused on empowering and guiding the Light leaders and light activators of this world to move and serve in the highest octaves, where their soul and light flourish together with all that surrounds them. Activate them to receive, carry and transmit the most relevant teachings to our era that are based on their singularity and specific blueprint.  


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Homaya Amar

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