How Business, Wealth, and Relationships Interweave



Kim Kaase

by | Mar 28, 2023

Show Notes

This conversation is one that will bring many women a sense of ease and reassurance that life gets to be different. We don’t need to struggle through relationships, careers, families, and this idea of balance. Relationships and work get to be better, and it all starts with a deep sense of knowing and trust in ourselves. Trust in themselves and in the Devine.  

Like most women, Kim began leading her life mainly with her mind and not with her body. Using your intuition was a foreign topic to her as it is with most women starting off their lives. In this conversation we discuss how the pendulum of women’s movement and presence as a mother, wife, and earner has swung from little presence to too much presence, leaving most women to burnout and disassociated from what it means to be a woman.  


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Kim Kaase

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