Noticing The Small Bids of Connection With Your Partner



Julie Sharon-Wagschal

by | Jun 20, 2023

Show Notes

In today’s episode, I had the delight of bringing back a colleague and friend of mine who specializes in working with couples to build long-lasting relationships. Julie and I discuss the importance of building a culture of awareness within your relationship that encourages couples to note each other’s need for attention, appreciation, love, and for respect. 

Individuality is vital in any relationship. Each person needs to have a sense of freedom and be their authentic self, not to feel oppressed. 

Julie Sharon-Wagschal is a Licensed Psychologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founder of the Center for Relationship Learning, Julie is Europe’s principal educator of Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She counsels couples through therapy and workshops, and teaches mental health professionals to integrate the Gottman Method into their own work with couples.



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Julie Sharon-Wagschal

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