How Validation and Your Addiction to Therapy Can Keep You From Where You Want to Go 



Luella Jonk

by | Jul 11, 2023

Show Notes

In this episode, I get truthful about why some of us stay stuck in the ‘my life sucks’ loop. For anyone who knows me, I don’t like to sugar-coat things. In the episode, I described how this was sometimes very difficult for me to be ME as a registered psychotherapist.  

There is a time and place when you are meant to move on from therapy to coaching. In this episode, I try to explain when and what that looks like and for who. I believe in people’s intelligence and power and remind them of this constantly. I personally feel many people want to remain in therapy because they are addicted to hearing ‘How does that make you feel?’ and just waiting for the extra scoop of validation to top it off.  


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