How Confidence Gets You Opportunities with

Elle Russ

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Elle Russ

by | Jan 25, 2022

Show Notes

If you think it – you can do it. This is the mindset of my guest today, Elle Russ. Elle believes she was born this way but also believes this mindset can be cultivated and coached. Being raised as a confident woman, Elle has always taken life by the reins and pushed herself into learning new things. In this episode, Elle shares how she has helped clients gain confidence and use it to further themselves in their mindsets, careers, and personal lives.

As a veteran podcast host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast, Elle boasts 7 years of experience with over 500 episodes and 20 million downloads under her belt. I have followed Elle for some time and felt inspired by her zest and her authenticity.  I was delighted to have her as a guest on my platform so we can offer ways for you to grow your confidence. 


Episode Highlights:

  • The I Think, I Can Mindset by Elle Russ (1:32)
  • Know what you’re capable of, and work within your boundaries (2:46)
  • The Opportunities that come with Confidence (4:04)
  • Cocky versus Confident (14:01)
  • Speaking up doesn’t have to be confrontational (23:03)
  • Narcissists and People Pleasers (33:08)
  • Enneagrams and Myers Briggs Personality Tests (45:46)
  • Free speech and Consequences (52:36)
  • Toxic People and being downed by negativity (1:02:15)


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