Why Your Human Design Allows You To Be You



Amy Elizabeth

by | Sep 12, 2023

Show Notes

If there is one thing that has really made a difference in many people’s lives, it is me telling them that ‘You get to be you’. So many of my clients struggle with shame and guilt because they feel that they are not doing enough or being enough. Whether it is in how you run your business, your personal relationships, and even in your parenting style, being authentic and genuine in how you show up is so important. This is called being in alignment, and this is what the human design profiling system is all about.  

Amy Elizabeth is the CEO of the multi-million dollar Human Design brand, Align by Design, where she brings all the elements and integration of Human Design in a way you’ve never experienced HD before. Amy’s work creates transformation based on ease, flow, magnetism and quantum leaps. 

She is an expert in seeing, understanding and creating energetic strategies that will work for your business based on your own energy. She is a 5/1 Splenic Projector and former Teacher who trail-blazed in the Online Coaching Industry, bringing Human Design mainstream and changing her entire life, leaning into Human Design during the most trying moments of transformation.  

Find out your human design here: https://www.mybodygraph.com 



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