Why Wait for a Miracle When Life’s Answers are Already There Within 



Corin Grillo

by | Sep 26, 2023

Show Notes

I began my dark night of the soul over 1.5 years ago when I decided to give meditation a real go. I started listening to guided meditations and then sat contemplating each morning. My morning spiritual practice has varied, but it all comes back to deep reflection and going deeper within me. I now help my clients do the same because of the tremendous joy and peace it has brought to me. In today’s episode, I speak with a like-minded soul who has also made her passion for helping others once she helped herself.  

Corin Grillo is a licensed psychotherapist, best-selling author, transformational retreat leader, and founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy, an intuitive healing institute with students that span the globe. A mind-blowing miracle from the angels saved her life, cured her of life-long depression, and awakened her spiritual gifts. She now teaches others worldwide how to awaken their spiritual gifts, and deepen their connection with their angels, ancestors, and other divine allies, to help them open up to their authentic spiritual power, heal, and discover their sacred mission. 

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