Don’t Let Your Trauma Become Your Never-Ending Drama 




Luella Jonk

by | Oct 3, 2023

Show Notes

Today, I discuss what to do when you feel triggered in relationships. As children, we learn through patterning thoughts, leading to patterned outcomes. This makes us feel very comfortable because patterning leads to certainty. One plus one equals two. We know what to expect, so it removes any discomfort. As kids, we were also told to stop crying and were distracted in order to be happy, mainly because our parents wanted us to be happy so that they could be happy.  

Then life happens, and we realize that nothing is certain, and we need to be taught all over again to live with discomfort, change and hurt feelings. Especially when it relates to relationships. Because there is one thing for certain in relationships, and that is we will get hurt.  

If you are in a relationship or seriously considering marriage…continue to read.

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