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Luella Jonk

by | Oct 24, 2023

Show Notes

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. In fact, if you don’t have conflict, I would question the integrity of the relationship. Conflict means passion and a zest for life. However, when couples experience conflict, then often feel they are failing or doing something wrong. 

In this episode, I dissect the most common areas of communication breakdown and the analogies of what it takes to create success in your business to bring in some good examples of strong communication and leadership skills, not to mention the amount of hard work, passion and tenacity of creating a successful business or career. For example, if you were to negotiate an increase in salary with your boss, would you be looking down at your phone? No! Then why would you do that during a bid for connection with your partner? 

The many Cs necessary for nailing down communication include Curiosity, Collaboration, Connection, and Compromise. I also threw in compassion because we often need a good dose to rid ourselves of resentment and anger and help see another’s perspective.  

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