1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Coaching begins with a discovery call, discussing your desires, how you see yourself now and where you want to go. Packages are booked as one, three, or six-month packages. Relationship coaching packages are also available for couples. For more on Relationship Coaching click here.

When you choose me as your coach, you decide to change your habitual way of thinking. Nothing excites me more than to witness this type of transformation. My coaching combines the skills and experiences I rendered as a therapist and the nuances that only you can bring. I meet you at whatever stage you are in the transformational journey, allowing you to be accountable and responsible toward your chosen outcome. We work closely. We meet weekly. You do the work between the calls and have access to me between the calls. It is a beautiful thing because your results happen quickly.

In my private coaching, I recognize your old patterned ways of thinking and guide you toward establishing new beliefs, thought systems, perspectives and, therefore, a new reality. Life becomes more flowy, free, and fulfilled.

Food, Feelings and Forethought

Food, Feelings and Forethought

Monthly Group Membership

This is a fun, relaxing, but highly insightful rolling Voxer (chat) Group membership.

I will drop an audio message a few times a week, commenting on certain foods I ate, activities I did,  and how my intentional overall lifestyle choices affect how I feel on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Members can join and contribute similarly.

This group’s purpose is for all of us to become more intentional with our choices. I call this preventative medicine. The most important way of ridding chronic disease.

$170 USD per year or $17 USD per month

Cancel anytime (Payments are not refundable)

Is This True?

Is This True?

  • 10-day Rolling Voxer
  • 10 Women. 

This is where we go to battle with our logical brain. We THINK the thought is true…but is it really true? Can this idea, thought, or belief that you have, be proven in a court of law? 

We will take your top consistent ruminating thought and prove it is not true – once and for all. 

Your thoughts, belief codes, source frequency, and vibrations reflect your current situation. So…you make a choice whether or not this is a worthwhile container to step into. 

Includes a 30-minute 1:1 call with me to activate the alchemy of this group before entering the group.

PLUS Voxer Chat, where you can ask one daily question.

Note: there is a lot of power behind hearing other members being coached. All the questions relate to you in some aspect of your life.

Your investment | $99.00 USD

Embodiment? Show Me

Embodiment? Show Me

30 days of Rolling Peer-to-Peer Voxer Group (Chat and Voice)

This is for the person who truly wants to embody what they preach. It’s the step between deciding to believe and actually choosing to behave in this way. It is all about embodying the person you want to become. 

When joining, you will state your INTENTION and your WHY. Members can assist by helping you stay accountable for your transformation—a powerful commitment to one another. Once a week, I will add a supportive audio related to the group’s intention.

By the end of the 30 days, you have shifted towards the newly claimed identity. This is powerful. Women are helping other women stay true to themselves in parenting, career shift, becoming better partners, or health goals. Join at any time.

WARNING: Once you join, you may not want to leave! 

Included: A powerful MP3 from me on how I was able to show up differently in my own transformational spiritual journey. 

Your investment | $77.00 USD