Embracing the Mediterranean Mindset For Better Mental Health



Anastasiia Romashova

by | Jan 30, 2024

Show Notes

Last spring, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot while vacationing in Europe. We became friends because of her welcoming and friendly nature. So, when I decided to do an episode on the connection to a Mediterranean lifestyle with better mental and physical health, I asked Anastasiia to describe the lifestyle. My hope in doing so is that you can put the puzzle pieces together to find peace and happiness as well.  

In summary, drop your need to compare and be ‘better’ than anyone else. Just BE yourself. Do what brings you joy each day and stick to it.  

Whether it is being more mindful about everything you do – including noticing the importance of being kind, or part of a community, or the quality of food you decide to ingest, or resting more and working less… bigger, better, stronger, faster doesn’t seem to be the answer to our well-being.  

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