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MBWP Podcast

Episode 112 | Anastasiia Romashova

EPISODE 112 Embracing the Mediterranean Mindset For Better Mental Health  with Anastasiia RomashovaShow Notes Last spring, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot while vacationing in Europe. We became friends because of her welcoming and friendly nature. So,...

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Episode 111 | Shirley Hiiman

EPISODE 111 The Ten Essential Oils That You Don’t Want To Leave Home Without   with Shirley HiimanShow Notes Today, I had the privilege of again hosting a previous popular guest, Shirley Hiiman, who first aired on Episode #53, where we unpacked ‘essential’...

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Episode 110 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 110 Client Interview: Stop Lying To Yourself   with Luella JonkShow Notes I loved hearing my client reiterate her past five years of working with me and working on herself. Anne (not her real name) noticed how she often made excuses about why she felt...

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Episode 109 | Dr. Romie

EPISODE 109 A Free Cure For A Busy Brain  with Dr. RomieShow Notes It was delightful to host this interview with Dr. Romie Mushtaq! As with many of us in the health and wellness space, we became passionate about our work for a reason, and Dr. Romie is no...

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Episode 108 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 108 Why Inaction Is A Recipe For A Life of Regret   with Luella JonkShow Notes Today, I share my views on how I am choosing to live life. I describe why prediction is an illusion and because we constantly try to predict ‘what the right answer is’ whenever...

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Episode 107 | Richard Dixey

EPISODE 107 How To Truly Step Into Life Rather Than Work Around It    with Richard DixeyShow Notes Nowadays, everyone is looking for tips, tricks, tools, and workarounds to combat their ‘perceived’ weaknesses. That weakness could manifest in the form of...

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Episode 106 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 106 Life After An Affair   with Luella JonkShow Notes I love this episode for its turns and twists and how it unfolds. A past client, dubbed ‘Jay’, graciously offered to be interviewed so that he could describe his experience of moving through the...

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Episode 105 | Gin Stephens

EPISODE 105 Mending Your Relationship with Food  with Gin StephensShow Notes I am so thrilled to have Gin back on the show to update us with all that is new and exciting in the world of intermittent fasting. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last...

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Episode 104 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 104 What it Really Takes to Change Yourself, Your Wealth, and Relationships; It Turns Out It is Not That Complicated.  with Luella JonkShow Notes I woke up one morning feeling happy, content, fulfilled and at peace. This happens a lot. Not every day is a...

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