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Episode 104 | Luella Jonk

EPISODE 104 What it Really Takes to Change Yourself, Your Wealth, and Relationships; It Turns Out It is Not That Complicated.  with Luella JonkShow Notes I woke up one morning feeling happy, content, fulfilled and at peace. This happens a lot. Not every day is a...

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Episode 103 | Elizabeth Resnick

  EPISODE 103 The Real Truth About Aging and Weight Gain  with Elizabeth ResnickShow Notes I just had to get Elizabeth back on the show to bust more myths about weight gain, especially concerning aging. It all comes down to people making excuses or in other...

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Episode 102 | Luella Jonk

  EPISODE 102 The Best Ways To Make Sure Your Relationship Does Not Last   with Luella JonkShow Notes In today’s solo episode, I do a fun take on all the things we should do if we want to sink the relation-SHIP. The best way to solve any disaster is prevention....

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Episode 101 | Chad Polski

Why Switching to Decaf is a Good Idea  with Chad PolskiShow Notes As someone who drinks a lot of decaf coffee, it is important to know I am only ingesting quality ingredients when I drink, especially my coffee. Drinking coffee is a ritual I want to continue...

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Episode 100 | Melanie Ann Layer

  EPISODE 100 Celebrating my 100th Episode With Melanie Ann Layer of Alpha Femme!!   with Melanie Ann LayerShow Notes As a special celebration of my 100th recording of I Think, I Can, I couldn’t think of a more suitable guest than Melanie. She truly embodied the...

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Episode 99 | John Gray

  EPISODE 99 The Role Reassurance Plays In Saving Your Relationship  with John GrayShow Notes I am so excited to have John Gray back for a second time on my podcast. In today’s episode, I ask Dr. Gray to define the terms masculine and feminine energy and the...

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Episode 98 | Luella Jonk

  EPISODE 98 Love The One You’re With   with Luella JonkShow Notes Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. In fact, if you don’t have conflict, I would question the integrity of the relationship. Conflict means passion and a zest for life. However, when...

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Episode 97 | Cassie Howard

  EPISODE 97 Speaking to the Woman Who Dreams of Owning Her Own Business     with Cassie HowardShow Notes I had a great interview with Cassie Howard, a well-known intuitive business strategist and money mentor (Yes, please). In this podcast episode, you will get...

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Episode 96 | Luella Jonk

  EPISODE 96 Tying The Knot: The Most Important Decision in Your Life    with Luella JonkShow Notes Choosing your partner for life? Hello!! It can be arguably the most important decision of your lifetime. Who will be my lifelong partner? How do I know that for...

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